What is A PDF Creator?
Why do I need to create a pdf file?

Article By: Mike Racer/Graphics Director T and L Promotions.

PDF-Creator is the world's simplest program to create a PDF file, create PDF files, or convert to PDF documents. It enables you to create PDF files from virtually any application, simply by clicking "File" then Print. PDF files are used in almost every business, on virtually every website, included as software instructions, etc. If you are not able to create PDF files or use a PDF file, you are being left behind. Being able to create a PDF file will enhance your business, professional, and even your personal productivity and image. The ability to create a PDF file from a Word document, create PDF files from Notepad, create PDF files from MS Works, and create or convert PDF files from all the other word processors out there is a needed utility these days. With the PDF Creator, you can just load your document in your program of choice, click print, then select PDF Creator as the printer....It's that simple. There are other programs out there to create or convert a PDF file but none with such high quality, as easy, or inexpensive as the one and only PDF Creator.

I could not count how many times I've been asked, "Hey Mike, how do I convert files to PDF documents?" or "How do I create a PDF file from a word document?" and also "Creating a PDF file is impossible, I'm having a lot of trouble, how do I do it?". In the past it wasn't that cheap or easy to convert documents to PDFs. You had to get the "official" program for an arm and half a leg, then spend hours just to be able to know how to open the complicated program. It was difficult for many to create a PDF file and whoa to the inexperience trying to convert a Word or WordPerfect file to a PDF file or PDF files. Well all that has changed with the wonderfully simple, yet powerful PDF Creator. At the click of a mouse you can create a PDF file or convert documents to PDF files.

I have been converting WordPerfect, Word, Works, Notepad, WordPad, PowerPoint, etc. files to PDF files and documents. I haven't found one document I couldn't convert to a PDF file. I have used schematics, catalogs, flyers, brochures, you name it, I've seen it converted to a high quality PDF file at the click of a mouse. Bottom line, if you need to create a PDF file, create PDF files, or convert to a PDF file, this is the program to do it easily, with quality, and at a price that I think is too low for even half the power and ability this program has. Way to go PDF Creator, this is the most useful software program I've ever had to evaluate for the company!



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